Penn Junior Lacrosse strives to advance the growth of boys youth lacrosse for the P-H-M community and students by providing quality instruction and coaching of lacrosse fundamentals, skills, techniques, and strategies. We afford a safe and

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2020 Season Cancelled

As a club we have decided to cancel our 2020 Spring season-there are too many unknowns and it would be best at this point to cancel then prolong the guessing game. There are many logistics that go into the season and we can’t keep making temporary plans.

Please see the emails sent home. Over the next week I will be processing credits so look for a refund on your credit card, if there are any issues let me know. The US Lax membership is separate and can not be refunded. If there is an opportunity with the club later this year you will already be covered with your membership.

Thank you to our Board for their time and dedication. We have 5 members rolling off this year as their sons are 8th graders-these members have been part of the club for many years. Thank you Pete Gillin, President, Farin Henderson Vice President, Amy Gillin Treasurer, Lisa Irish Secretary and Billie Limberopoulos Member at Large.  WE NEED NEW BOARD MEMBERS TO MAKE THIS CLUB CONTINUE-please email me if you are interested!!!!

Thank you for your patience as we navigated this and stay safe!! We will keep you updated over the year when the Club has opportunities

Any questions

by posted 04/14/2020

For those with questions regarding equipment, here is some insight from Coach Pete:

When it comes to sticks my focus is on the pocket (meaning the mesh that sits inside the head of the stick). My experience with big-box store-bought sticks is that the materials/stringing work on these sticks leaves a lot to be desired. The result being that the ball does not release correctly from the stick which causes kids to get frustrated as they are trying to learn the techniques of throwing a ball at a target. They are doing everything right and the ball still doesn't go where it's supposed to. Very deflating for the kids. The EVO Warp product is designed to address this issue with the entry level stick market. It's a prepackaged pocket that holds up to use in all sorts of weather. seems to like some of the complete stick options direct from the stick manufacturers. I have never tried this approach so I don't have much to add there but tends to be pretty reputable. Another approach I have taken is to find a mid-price-range complete stick from one of the big box stores purchase a stringing kit (from either String King or East Coast Dyes (Semi hard mesh being my preferred type of mesh)) and hand the stick off to someone to replace the pocket. Stringing kits tend to run approximately $30 and stringers tend to charge around $25. A Penn Jr Alum Gideon Biek strings sticks-his contact info is

Here are two sites that do a better job than I can with guidance on making stick purchases for folks who are new to the game.

For the younger players (meaning younger than 7th/8th grade) I encourage folks to focus on the fit/feel of helmets, gloves and arm pads over the price of those items. Take them into Dicks have them try stuff on rather than rely on online sizing charts. Playing lax with a helmet that doesn't fit right or arm pads which keep sliding down the arm takes some of the fun out of being out there. Contact is limited at those age groups so paying up for top level protection doesn't make a ton of sense to me. For kids at the 7th/8th grade level the place to spend money is on a good quality helmet that fits the child's head well (meaning snug without being skull crushing) and a set of shoulder pads with breast plate padding.

by posted 01/04/2020

Penn Junior Lacrosse is a non-profit youth organization offering competitive & recreational lacrosse for boys 2nd-8th grade. Our board and coaches are all parents that volunteer their time. We offer an Academy for 2nd-4th grade boys from all schools in area. Our rec league is for 5th-8th grade boys attending a PHM school. We begin our Academy and League season after Spring Break through first week of June. Registration for Spring 2020 will open soon. Please add your name to our email list for upcoming information


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