Penn Junior Lacrosse strives to advance the growth of boys youth lacrosse for the P-H-M community and students by providing quality instruction and coaching of lacrosse fundamentals, skills, techniques, and strategies. We afford a safe and

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The following video does a good job of explaining the positioning and roles of middies and attackmen in a 2-3-1 offense.  The video focuses on the movement in the offense when the ball is passed from the middies to attack and attack to middies.

The following video builds on the ideas in the prior video.  It addresses the rules for what happens when a ball carrier dodges with the ball.  It also presents ideas for players to improvise / be creative within the framework of the offense.

Get familiar with the concepts presented in these videos.  Watch them multiple times to better understand them.  If you are confused about what they are saying - ask your coaches your questions.