Penn Junior Lacrosse strives to advance the growth of boys youth lacrosse for the P-H-M community and students by providing quality instruction and coaching of lacrosse fundamentals, skills, techniques, and strategies. We afford a safe and

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Practice Plan Week 1, Practice 2

Stations (7 min each)

  1. 2 v. 1 ground balls
    1. Three lines with middle line by himself;
    2. Coach rolls ball out;
    3. If one of the two outside guys picks up GB – they complete two passes before passing ball back to coach;
    4. If the inside guy picks up – use the question mark move to create space and then pass back to coach;
    5. Coaching points –

i.Communication – ball down, man, and ball calls explained (needs to be loud);

ii.Permissible v. impermissible contact – side and front okay within 3 yards of ball; push from behind not okay; contact is not a true check but more like aggressive box out in hoops;

iii.“Two butts low”;

iv.Accelerate through the ball.

  1. 1 v. 1 to a Shot 
    1. Two lines (start up top as if middies / move lines to the wings at halfway point of each rotation)
    2. First guy in line plays D; Second guy has ball and tries to beat him to cage for shot;
    3. One dodge and to the cage (no meandering)
    4. Coaching points –

i.Attacking player – one move; speed; bounce shots;

ii.Defensive player – move feet, angling, permissible v. impermissible holds

  1. 4 Corners Passing
    1. 4 cones (ten yards or so apart) / depending on our numbers may want to create to squares;
    2. 3 players each at one of the cones;
    3. Start passing to the right (throw with right hand catch with left – so that stick is always to the outside) (reverse direction at halfway point)
    4. As ball moves away – player on the backside needs to move to left to make himself available to receive pass / provide support.
    5. Coaching points –

i.Sticks to the outside – using the correct hand to catch and throw;

ii.Anticipation – guy on the back side has to anticipate the ball movement and move to new cone in time to be available to receive pass;

iii.Communication – ‘Here’s your help’

  1. King of the X (1 v. 1 faceoffs through to possession)
    1. Show them the basics of a face off and then let them have at it (feel free to use my email from yesterday – particularly the key elements of the rules for faceoffs);
    2. Make note of the kids who show the most promise – we will use that to create a couple of groups of high performers for next week’s practices as a way to arrive at a group of guys to handle face offs for us.
    3. After that – we can start to work with that group to refine their faceoff skills.

The balance of the time – I would like to break up into 15 minute blocks with 5 minutes worth of demo at mid field and then breaking into 2 groups to work on the task.  Items for work will be as follows:

  1. Intro to 2-3-1 offense (two triangles – moving in opposite directions)
  2. Intro to team defense
  3. Clearing pattern after a shot/save