Penn Junior Lacrosse strives to advance the growth of boys youth lacrosse for the P-H-M community and students by providing quality instruction and coaching of lacrosse fundamentals, skills, techniques, and strategies. We afford a safe and

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Practice Plan Week 1, Practice 1

  1. Choke-up on the Neck Passing
    1. Both partners standing 25-30 yards apart
    2. Both men put top hand on the neck of their stick (top of the shaft)
    3. Must come over the top and keep hands away from the body or this is very difficult
    4. Once this is done successfully slide hand back to regular position
    5. Throw passes with no arc, straight line, in the BOX
  2. Partner Passing
    1. Emphasize basics
    2. Lower hand away from the body
    3. Stick in the imaginary BOX above the shoulder
    4. Push / Pull on the stick
    5. THROWING MAN step toward target
    6. Over-hand throwing motion – stick rotates over the top in a circular motion like the hands of a clock
    7. RECEIVING MAN call out “HERE’s YOUR HELP”
    8. Stick in the “BOX”- at all times on the field
    9. Soft hands - like catching an egg
    10. Don’t stab
    11. Catch it like “THIRD EAR”
  3. Knees Passing  #1 Two Knees / #2 One Knee
    1. #1 One man on Knees, one man standing
    2. 20 yards away
    3. Standing man rolls ball back to kneeling man
    4. Kneeling man picks up the ball and throws from the knees
    5. KEY COACHING POINT- Rotate Torso and get hands away from the body
    6. Over-hand throwing motion – stick rotates over the top in a circular motion like the hands of a clock
    7. Knees do not move off the ground
    8. #2 Kneeling guy puts his stepping foot forward so he is on one knee
    9. 20 yards away
    10. Standing man rolls ball back to kneeling man
    11. Kneeling man picks up the ball and throws from the knees
    12. Must be far enough away to have to work hard to throw – to short and they will flip the ball off their shoulder
  4. Active Passing  
    1. Progression of partner passing
    2. Moving forward and back moving towards ball and towards target
    3. Catch roll and throw
    4. “Here’s your help”


  1. Cradling - The head of the stick ALWAYS plays through the imaginary box over your shoulder.  You should carry it there, throw from there and catch from there.
    1. 1st Progression - 1 Man – ball/no ball/ball & one hand/two hand
      1. One hand - “THIRD EAR”, keep ELBOW BACK – STRESS - The head of the stick ALWAYS plays through the imaginary box over your shoulder
      2. Two hand - keep HANDS UP
      3. Gentle rocking motion
      4. Fingers and wrists
    2. 2nd Progression - Magic Hands
      1. Pass stick between hands
      2. Keep stick vertical
    3. 3rd Progression – Switch stick right to left two hands
      1. Use crotch to shield shaft
      2. Shuffle 5 yards and switch directions (repeat across field between cones)
    4. 4th Progression – Spinning Wheel Drill
      1. Offense player with ball keeps one foot stationary
      2. Rotates around stationary foot while cradling and protecting stick
      3. Defensive player attempts to check stick


  1. Ground Balls
    1. 1st Progression - 1 Man - Coach roll out ball - scoop & return
      1. GBWG - “Ground Balls Win Games” learn it, live it, love it
      2. Call out “BALL”
      3. Both “BUTTS” low (stick Butt and man’s Butt get LOW)
      4. Scrape KNUCKLES
      5. Accelerate
      6. Bring it to your HEAD
      7. Listen to your stick (cradle with stick head by your EAR)
      8. Look up to pass (Always, Always, Always move the ball off a ground ball)
    2. 2nd Progression - Add breakout man (accelerate, listen to stick, look up to pass)
      1. Pass to breakout man
      2. Turn for Over the Shoulder catch
      3. Roll ball back to coach
    3. 3rd Progression - 1 V 1 ground balls – Start Back to Back
      1. Don’t RAKE
      2. Scoop through the ball
      3. Accelerate
      4. Listen to your stick
      5. Look up to pass back to coach or breakout man
    4. 4th Progression – 2 v 1
      1. Call man
      2. Call ball
      3. Make outlet pass after scoop
      4. Stay in passing lane
      5. Make two passes back to lines


Additional Drills

Circle the net:  4 v 3…have kids run around crease…coach rolls ball out in any direction... kids play uneven until a goal.  After we pick up a ground ball move the ball to the opposite side of the field!!

Keep Away:  5 v 5 in the restraining box.   Emphasize "show and go” . . . "Show" or cut for the ball and then . . . "Go" clear through for the next player.  Draw and dump, Defense should try to take ball away, don't let them just cover their man, they must go to the ball and take it away...double team.

5 Line 1 v 1’s: Set up in 5 spots (1-3-2 set up).  Emphasize the player keeps his Eyes up, Coach hold up fingers just as dodge starts (make them say the number of fingers you have help up as they dodge . . . they need to keep their head up!!!).  From the top.  One move and GO.  "Split and Go". From the side and behind start one direction, change direction QUICKLY and sprint to net (HEAD UP)... From "X" you need to get to the 6 V 6 or the Island. Progression Talk....

2 v 2’s: Set up with offensive / defensive players at top of the box. Start with one offensive player and one defensemen on crease.  Top offensive player dodges toward goal.  As he splits down one side or the other and "beats" his man…the defenseman on the crease must slide EARLY.  Offensive Player on crease curls to the opposite side and finds a passing lane / Alley. Progression....dodger either question marks (?) or feeds crease for a shot.