Penn Junior Lacrosse strives to advance the growth of boys youth lacrosse for the P-H-M community and students by providing quality instruction and coaching of lacrosse fundamentals, skills, techniques, and strategies. We afford a safe and

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Day: Thursday

Date: April 13th

Practice # 2




STATION (10 Min/Station)






1.  Cradling

Two-Step Cradling

1.  Top hand mechanics / elbow up / curl wrist

2.  Horizontal two-hand cradle (barbell curl) / switch to triple threat position bring head of stick next to ear (same motion)




2.  Ground Balls

1.  Stick on ground (ball 6” in front of head – players standing next to stick

2.  Fill the Bucket w/ sticks

1.  Emphasis on proper technique (butt down, both knuckles in dirt, drive through ball, sprint away)

2.  Team Game: line up teams on opposite side of a zone – pick up as many balls (one at a time) bring back to base (5 push ups to loser)




3.  Throwing

Two-Step Throwing  (5’)

1.  Start with only top hand – emphasis – wrist snap

2.  Add bottom hand – emphasis - push pull (step back to 15’)




4.  Catching

Two-Step Catching (10’)

1.  Start square – soft toss by hand to around waste level (emphasis -Watch ball into the mesh)

2. Shift so opposite shoulder is forward – stick target in the “box” – soft toss to the box (Define “box”)




5.  Stick Protection

Knock Out

Emphasis on using body to shield ball from defender – “Shoulder, shoulder, arm”

Create small space with cones; Coaches or player tries to strip ball from remaining players




6.  Game to Finish

Sharks and Minnows

Done as a group.


What did we learn?

Helmet Stickers